• Perfume Types
  • Fragrance notes
  • Concentration
  • Choosing a gift scent

Perfume Types

It’s important to know what notes make up your favourite fragrance, so you can decide which best suit your personality, or your occasion.

Fragrance notes

A Fragrance note is a term used to describe the scent ‘layers’ that make up a fragrance. Most fragrances are a combination of at least 3 notes: the top, heart and base. It’s the combination of these notes that gives a perfume its unique scent and the reason why scents change throughout the day.


Choosing a gift scent

There’s nothing better than receiving your perfect perfume from a loved one, however finding the right scent can be tricky. Below are our easy-to-follow tips to make gifting fragrance as simple as possible.

Check out their current collection

Before you begin your research, find out what perfumes they’re currently wearing. If possible try to discover what family of scents they’re into, i.e. Florals, Orientals, etc. and stick within this.

When will they be wearing the fragrance?

It’s also best to consider when they will be wearing the fragrance. If they’re someone who enjoys evenings out, a Pure Parfum or Eau De Parfum will be a better choice, as these last longer and are considered ‘going out’ perfumes. If they’re often outdoors or busy throughout the day, a lighter, daytime fragrance will be ideal, such as an Eau De Toilette.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose, we recommend a Pure Parfum or an Eau De Parfum. These are higher quality, longer lasting perfumes, usually with better smelling scents. We also recommend choosing one of our best-selling fragrances, especially if you don’t know the person that well.

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